Business Introduction

Here is Shindo!!!
Forward-looking, Creative, Evolutionary and Bright in the Future

Manufacturing Mobile, IT & Display

Flat(Normal)/Curved/Deeply Edged Display Process/Machine.

Next Generation Display Process/Machine

VR&AR-use Display Process/Machine


Fuel Cell MEA Process / Machine

Automobile Instrumental Display Process/Machine

Discolor Mirror Display Process/Machine

Window Display Process/Machine

Exterior Surface Display Process/Machine

Special Display

LCD/OLED/µ-LED/Large/Specialized/Transparent DISPLAY Process/Machine


Energy & Vacuum Glass

Energy-saving Vacuum Glass Process/Machine

Privacy protection Glass & Display Process/Machine

Transparent Display for Home Appliances Process/Machine


High Quality Product, Creative Technology SHINDO

Shindo Eng Lab Provides also Creative Technology for the best productivity..